Decoration advices

Manual application (“waterslide” process)

How does it work ?

1°        Check the cleanliness of the glass to decorate
2°        Put the decal 30 seconds in a tepid water
3°        Take carefully the decal and let the decor separate from its support paper (white paper) and let it slide on the glas.
4°        Position the decor on the glas and scrape the decal with a rubber scraper in order to remove the water under the decal.
5°        let it dry 12h
7°        Fire the decorated glass according to our recommendantions.

Automatic application

The decals are cut in advance and placed in a magazine in the machine. They are taken by suction. Then, the decor is separated from its support thanks to a pre-heated silicon pad and is directly put on the glass.

This process is very precise and very fast : it is recommended for big quantites.

You do not have to let dry the bottle: you can fire it directly, between 490°C and 630°C for decals with enameled inks, and 200°C for decals with organic inks.


Caution : the result can be checked only after the firing.